Union-Endicott High School’s Tech Department Receives Program of Excellence Award from NYSTEA

Union-Endicott High School’s technology department honored with Program of Excellence Award

The Union-Endicott High School technology department has been honored with the Program of Excellence Award from the New York State Technology Education & Engineering Association. This recognition comes after being nominated by the Southern Tier Technology & Engineering Educators Association, and teachers Corey Munn, Mike Wichowski, and Tom Palazzo accepted the award at the NYSTEA annual conference.

The department offers a range of programs, including welding, automotive, flight simulation, and carpentry. Over the past few years, enrollment in these programs has seen significant growth. Engineering Teacher Corey Munn expressed his gratitude for this award, stating that it is a great honor to be recognized by peers for the hard work put into the program.

As a result of this recognition, Union-Endicott High School will now represent New York State for the International Technology Educators & Engineering Association’s Program of Excellence Award. This accolade highlights the department’s dedication to providing high-quality technology education to its students. The efforts put into the program have not gone unnoticed, and the department is proud to receive this prestigious recognition.

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