Thousands of NCC Companies Unite in Protest Against Minister Salvini’s Taxi Regulations

Salvini Frustrated in the Square by NCC Associations

In Piazza Esedra, thousands of NCC companies gathered to unanimously vote no confidence in Minister Salvini. The procession started this morning from Palalottomatica and caused major traffic disruptions. The compact NCC category, along with Anitrav, Ncc Italia Association, the Air Committee, and AsiNcc, organized the event with the adhesion of the MuoverSi’ federation.

Francesco Artusa, president of ‘Sistema Trasporti’ and one of the promoters of the procession, expressed dissatisfaction towards the Ministry of Transport’s decrees aimed at drafting new regulations for taxis and NCCs. He mentioned that the people along the procession route showed support and applause for their cause.

Despite the challenges faced by the transportation industry, Salvini’s actions have managed to unify the entire category and shed light on the influence of taxi lobbies in politics. Artusa emphasized that there is a need for an impartial referee in the industry to ensure mobility and promote economic development in Italy.

Unfortunately, various content unrelated to NCC protests in Piazza Esedra was included in numerous articles such as gaming, certification verification issues and entertainment. Consolidating or excluding these irrelevant pieces would help focus more on NCC protest against Minister Salvini’s actions regarding taxis and NCCs.

In conclusion, over three thousand NCC companies gathered in Piazza Esedra to express their disapproval towards Minister Salvini through a no-confidence vote. The compact category has come together to demand an impartial referee in their industry for greater mobility and economic growth in Italy.

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