Surviving Dangerous Mission: One Journalist’s Story of Operation in Gaza Strip

Serious Injury in Gaza Leaves Him Temporarily Blind

Ron and his team were tasked with conducting a ground maneuver inside the Gaza Strip three weeks ago. As they entered the area, combat engineering fighters were among the first to breach obstacles and clear the way for their team. Despite the fear, they were motivated by the videos of October 7 that reminded them of their purpose.

For almost two months, Ron and his team operated in Gaza City, facing constant gunfire and dangerous situations. During one instance, they had to navigate a difficult neighborhood, working carefully to allow tanks to enter. But just as they were following safety procedures, an anti-tank missile narrowly missed Ron’s head.

After being evacuated to safety and taken to Billinson Hospital, Prof. Rita Ehrlich performed emergency surgery on Ron’s eyes to remove shrapnel and prevent further damage. Although Ron sustained severe injuries, he remained hopeful and focused on recovering quickly so he could rejoin his team.

Weeks later, Ron’s vision gradually improved after several surgeries. He credits the skilled medical team for saving his eyesight and is grateful for their support during his recovery. Now that he is home recovering, Ron eagerly awaits the day he can rejoin his team in combat.

Ron reflects on his journey with gratitude towards his family, friends, and medical team who stood by him throughout his recovery process. Despite facing challenges such as constant gunfire and life-threatening injuries, Ron remains determined to continue serving his country on the battlefield.

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