Science Meets Man’s Best Friend: A New Exhibition at The DoSeum Explores the Fascinating World of Dogs

This June, experience ‘A Science Tail’

In June, the DoSeum in San Antonio will open its doors to a new hands-on exhibition for dog lovers titled “Dogs!: A Science Tail.” This interactive experience will focus on the science behind dogs and their relationship with humans. Visitors can expect to explore various displays that highlight topics such as sounds only dogs can hear, differences between dog and wolf fossils, and the roles of pets in different communities.

In addition to these displays, the exhibition will also feature a dog-themed Jeopardy! game and offer insights into careers specializing in working with dogs. DoSeum CEO Dan Menelly expressed excitement for young learners to explore animal behavior through the diverse experiences presented in “Dogs!: A Science Tail.”

The exhibition is set to run from June 1 to September 2, providing plenty of time for dog lovers to check it out. Keep an eye on the DoSeum’s Instagram and website for more information about the exhibit and upcoming “Park Pup-Ups” in San Antonio. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn more about man’s best friend!

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