Salvini Speaks Out Against Ursula von der Leyen’s Second Mandate: The League’s Call for Progress and Peace in Europe

Salvini: Voting for Lega is a rejection of Ursula and the left

The ‘Winds of Change’ event saw Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini make a bold statement about the upcoming European vote. He stated that Italians who support the League will not choose to give Ursula von der Leyen a second mandate. Salvini emphasized the need for progress and peace in Europe, rather than focusing on military threats. In his closing remarks, he urged voters to reclaim Europe as “our home, not theirs.”

Salvini’s speech at the event highlighted the importance of the upcoming European vote and the need for change in leadership. He underscored that those who support the League will not support Ursula von der Leyen for a second term, nor will they support left-leaning policies. He urged voters to focus on progress and peace instead of militarization.

The event featured a passionate speech by Salvini, who underlined the League’s opposition to giving Ursula von der Leyen a second mandate and their commitment to bringing progress and peace to Europe through the upcoming European vote. He stressed the importance of reclaiming Europe as a home for its citizens, rather than allowing it to be controlled by outside influences. His remarks resonated with supporters of the League, who prioritize national interests and a more peaceful approach to European politics.

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