Russian Security Forces Allegedly Use Torture on ISIS Suspects in Moscow

Putin breaks the rules after blaming Ukraine for the attack

Air bombs are a type of weapon that utilizes oxygen from the surrounding air to create a powerful explosion at a high temperature and for an extended duration. Recently, the Investigative Committee in Russia released a video showing blindfolded ISIS terrorists being brought to its headquarters in Moscow. The four suspects appeared in court in Samani later that evening, displaying signs of violence inflicted on them during interrogation by Russian security forces.

Videos purportedly showing the interrogations of the suspects circulated on Telegram, depicting acts of violence and brutality. The suspects were shown being subjected to physical harm, such as having their ears cut off and being beaten. When the suspects appeared in court, they bore visible injuries and signs of mistreatment at the hands of authorities.

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The suspects included Dalradjon Barotovich Mirzoev, Sidekarmi Morodali Rachbelizoda, Shamsudin Faridun, and Mohammad-Sober Faizov, all citizens of Tajikistan. They appeared in court with injuries and visible signs of abuse, highlighting the severity of the interrogation techniques employed by Russian security forces.

The unconventional attack took place following a severe terrorist attack at a theater near Moscow last Friday evening. The attack resulted in several casualties and prompted authorities to take swift action against those responsible.

In conclusion, air bombs are a potent weapon capable of causing devastating damage when used improperly. It is crucial for governments to employ appropriate measures when dealing with terrorism-related incidents to prevent further loss of life and property damage.

The recent developments have shed light on the use of torture techniques by Russian security forces during interrogations. It is important for governments around the world to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and ensure that human rights are upheld throughout any investigation or trial process.

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