Revolutionizing Sleep: King Koil’s New Smart Beds with Talalay Latex Enhance Comfort Options

King Koil introduces 4 new beds, innovative technology and enhanced materials to SmartLife mattress line

King Koil has recently introduced a new line of smart beds that build on the success of their SmartLife Mattress, launched in 2020. The new range includes four redesigned mattresses that incorporate Talalay latex for the first time and offer a wider range of comfort feels. These mattresses are named SL Firm, SL Medium, SL Plush, and SL Latex Plush, each with unique features and comfort settings.

King Koil CEO David Binke stated that the previous generation of smart beds was a strong performer, but they wanted to enhance the comfort options in the new models. To achieve this, they collaborated closely with Talalay Global to develop a latex component specifically designed for the SmartLife mattresses. This latex improves differentiation between the comfort feels and provides additional customization options through an integrated controller that uses silicon-chip microprocessors and digital pressure sensors to evaluate body type and position, syncing with the King Koil SmartLife app.

The new generation of SmartLife mattresses feature 80 individual smart cells and eight independently controlled zones, providing adaptive support based on body shape, height, and weight. The technology adjusts automatically to deliver the desired comfort level, ranging from firm to soft. With a retail price ranging between $4,500 and $5,500 in queen size, these mattresses promise enhanced functionality and comfort for consumers. Binke expressed excitement about the advancements made in the materials used in these mattresses, which now offer unparalleled adjustability and comfort for customers.

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