Revolut Goes Global with eSIM Cards and International Data Plans for Digital Banking Convenience

Revolut’s New eSIM Feature Makes Roaming Easier

Revolut, a leading financial application with 40 million users globally and 400 thousand in Croatia, has become one of the first digital banks in Europe to offer eSIM cards and international data plans for its users. The new Revolut eSIM allows users to access mobile data abroad without any unexpected roaming costs or interruptions, all through the same application.

Starting this week, all Revolut users in Croatia with eSIM-compatible devices can now easily top up data wherever they go without the need for a physical SIM card. By connecting to an eSIM, users can use the Revolut app without using mobile data, ensuring access to all features and products even when data is not available in their current location. Revolut will offer data plans ranging from 1 to 20 GB, with options for regional or international coverage.

Ultra users will receive a new benefit with their plan when they install an eSIM through the Revolut app – 3 GB of mobile data for international use with automatic monthly renewal. Users who install their eSIM by May 1, 2024, will also receive a welcome offer of 100MB of free international mobile data. The partnership between Revolut and 1GLOBAL provides fast and secure mobile internet connection in over 160 countries worldwide. The eSIM technology seamlessly integrates into the Revolut app and can be installed on any eSIM-compatible mobile device in less than a minute.

Elyas Sadou, Product Owner of eSIM at Revolut highlights the convenience and simplicity of this new technology which eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and high roaming costs. Hakan Koç, founder and co-executive director of 1GLOBAL emphasizes the global reach of their mobile internet connection service and how it seamlessly integrates with Revolut’s eSIM technology. This partnership aims to provide Revolut users with a hassle-free and cost-effective way to access mobile data while traveling internationally.

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