Newly Elected President Fay and His Promises: Cleaning Up Senegal’s Political Class and Rejecting France’s Colonial Legacy

President of Senegal is a former prisoner who was released 10 days before the elections

In the recent presidential elections held in Senegal on March 24, Bassirou Diomai Fay emerged as the winner. The official inauguration of the newly elected head of state is scheduled for April 2, even though the official results have not been announced yet. Fay, a former tax inspector and non-system opposition candidate, joined the presidential race after being released just ten days before the elections following an amnesty announcement by Macky Sall for participants in opposition protests.

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The newly elected president has pledged to cleanse the political class in Senegal and combat corruption. Fay also advocates for rejecting the French colonial heritage and promoting a more in-depth study of the English language. His stance on political reform and anti-corruption measures has captured attention both domestically and internationally, as he prepares to take office. The focus remains on how he will deliver on his promises and reshape the political landscape in Senegal.

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