New Initiative to Develop Evidence-Based Guidelines for Gender Dysphoria in Minors: Collaboration Between Ministries and Experts

Schillaci and Roccella Collaborating on New guidelines for Triptorelin Dysphoria

In a joint effort, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Family have initiated a discussion on the use of triptorelin, a puberty blocking drug, for gender dysphoria in minors. This initiative is being led by Ministers Orazio Schillaci and Eugenia Roccella. A group of experts and technicians will be formed to develop new guidelines based on a review of scientific literature and experiences from other countries that are reevaluating their positions after widespread use of these drugs.

The two ministries have released a statement summarizing the work done so far on gender dysphoria and the use of blockers. This statement highlights that the initiative follows a hearing with scientific societies involved in the issue of gender dysphoria in adolescents and a request made to the National Bioethics Committee to reevaluate the use of triptorelin in cases of gender dysphoria in minors. Additionally, the ministries are conducting a survey among regions regarding clinical monitoring, expenditures, and prescriptions of triptorelin for cases of dysphoria, and have requested a report from AIFA on the therapeutic indications for the drug.

This collaborative effort represents a proactive approach to addressing the complex issue of gender dysphoria in minors, with a focus on evidence-based guidelines and best practices. As this table of experts continues its work to develop new specific guidelines for this important issue, stay tuned for updates.

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