New Business Development Director at LSEG: Reesha Radia Brings a Wealth of Expertise to Drive Growth and Innovation

Former Citi Execution Sales Specialist Joins LSEG to Expand Business Development Division

Richard Worrell, the new head of secondary markets sales and business development at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), has recently appointed Reesha Radia to lead its business development division. Radia, a former Citi employee, will join LSEG in April as a senior manager in business development and sales. With almost five years of experience from her time at Citi in execution sales-focused roles, where she most recently held the position of assistant vice president, Radia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role.

Prior to her time at Citi, Radia completed various summer and spring analyst internships at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan. Her addition to LSEG comes shortly after Worrell joined the team in January. With a background as the former head of EMEA equity trading at Janus Henderson, Worrell is beginning a new chapter in his career on the exchange’s side after many years in the buy-side equity trading industry. Together, Radia and Worrell are set to contribute towards the growth and development of LSEG’s business development division.

The expansion of LSEG’s business development division under Worrell’s leadership is expected to bring new opportunities for growth and innovation within the company. With Radia’s experience in sales-focused roles, she will play a key role in driving revenue growth and expanding LSEG’s customer base.

Worrell’s appointment as head of secondary markets sales and business development marks a significant shift for LSEG as it continues to grow its presence in the financial markets industry. With his extensive experience in equity trading, he will bring valuable insights into how best to leverage LSEG’s strengths to drive growth and innovation within its business development division.

Overall, Radia’s appointment represents an exciting opportunity for LSEG as it continues its journey towards becoming one of the world’s leading financial marketplaces. Her experience and expertise will be instrumental in helping the company achieve its goals while also contributing towards its continued success.

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