NBA Investigates Potential Betting Anomalies related to Toronto Raptors Player Jontay Porter: How DraftKings Sportsbook Flags and Wins Prop Bets Involving Him, Despite His Unpredictable Playtime

NBA Investigating Suspicious Betting Activities Involving Jontay Porter of Toronto Raptors

NBA investigates potential betting anomalies related to Jontay Porter, a player for the Toronto Raptors. Despite being inactive for the team’s last two games due to personal reasons, there have been two games in which DraftKings Sportsbook flagged prop bets involving Porter in their daily betting insights. On January 26, users betting the under on Porter’s three-pointers were the biggest moneymakers for NBA player prop betting. On March 20, Porter prop bettors were also the biggest winners for that day’s NBA betting. In both instances, Porter exited the game early.

Porter averages close to 14 minutes of playing time per game but only played four minutes on January 26 and did not attempt a three-pointer before leaving the game due to a reaggravation of a previous eye injury. On March 20, he played only three minutes, scoring zero points before leaving the game due to illness. However, despite these incidents, Porter’s representatives have not responded to requests for comment and the Raptors have not commented on the situation either.

A DraftKings spokesperson declined to comment on the situation but emphasized that legal and regulated sports betting helps identify and report suspicious activity to protect the integrity of sports, which is not possible in the illegal market. As such, it remains unclear what exactly is causing these inconsistencies with Porter’s playing time or if there is any connection between his injuries and these discrepancies.

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