Moog Music’s Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro: Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Music with Geert Bevin of MIDI Widgets

Interview with Geert Bevin of Moog Music on Music Technology

In this episode of Visioneers, Zac Hall interviews Geert Bevin, the Director of Software Development at Moog Music. Together, they discuss the world of music technology, with a focus on Moog Music’s latest creation, Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro. Bevin also talks about his app, MIDI Widgets, his background in computers and music creation, and how Apple Vision Pro is being integrated into both his work life and leisure time.

Bevin shares that he has always been fascinated by computers and music creation. He started out as a programmer before moving on to create his own app, MIDI Widgets. As someone who works in the tech industry and is also an avid musician, Bevin sees Apple Vision Pro as a game-changer. He explains that the device allows him to experiment with different sounds and effects in real-time, which has greatly improved his productivity and creativity.

Zac Hall discusses Moog Music’s Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro and how it allows users to create their own unique sounds. The app features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manipulate different parameters like filter cutoff frequency and resonant frequency. Hall also talks about how the app can be used with other software tools to create more complex compositions.

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