Mayor of Uvalde, Texas Resigns Amid Health Issues and Controversial Report on Robb Elementary School Shooting.

Uvalde Mayor Cody Smith steps down suddenly due to health concerns

Cody Smith, the mayor of Uvalde, Texas, announced his resignation on Monday due to health issues. After serving as the city’s leader since November, Smith made the decision to step down after consultation and prayer. During his time as mayor, a controversial report was released that defended the actions of local police officers on the day of the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in May 2022. This report contradicted findings from the Texas House and Department of Justice that had blamed law enforcement for a slow response to the shooting. The release of this report led to emotional reactions from city council members and parents of the victims.

After Smith’s resignation, Uvalde City Council has called for a special meeting to discuss the shooting at Robb Elementary School. This comes as Uvalde’s Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez is set to retire on April 6. Rodriguez made the decision to retire shortly after the controversial report was published. Everardo Zamora, a Uvalde city councilman, has been appointed as Mayor Pro Tempore until a new mayor is elected in November.

The community will continue to navigate the aftermath of the tragic events at Robb Elementary School under new leadership. Despite this change in leadership, it is important for everyone in Uvalde to come together and support one another as they heal and rebuild their community.

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