Golf Course Technology Reviews Sparks Debate on Scraping: The Impact of Data Gathering Techniques on Competition and Fairness in the Golf Industry

Reviewing the Technology of Golf Courses: To Scrape or Not to Scrape

An article published by Golf Course Technology Reviews, a leading online source for comprehensive reviews of golf course technology, has sparked a debate in the golf industry on the practice of scraping tee time booking engines. The article titled “To Scrape or Not To Scrape: A Question for the Golf Industry,” highlights the potential negative consequences of this method used by companies to gather data on golf course availability and pricing.

Scraping can result in market distortion and unfair competitive advantages, leading to information asymmetry, pricing manipulation, barriers to entry, resource strain on target sites, and market sensitivity and volatility. It is crucial that the industry takes action to address these implications and establish a Fair Scraping Agreement.

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