Global Warming Causes Coastal Cities to Sink at Alarming Rate, Experts Offer Solutions to Mitigate Risks

Podcast explores the cause of sinking cities around the world – Science

A new study has revealed that more than 25 coastal cities in the US are sinking at a rate of over 2mm per year. This trend is not limited to the US as many major cities in China, Tehran, and Jakarta are also facing similar issues. The sinking of these cities is further amplified by rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Madeleine Finlay interviewed Prof Manoochehr Shirzaei from Virginia Tech University and Prof Robert Nicholls from the University of East Anglia to discuss the factors contributing to city sinking and potential solutions to protect them from encroaching sea levels.

Professors Shirzaei and Nicholls highlighted that groundwater extraction, soil compaction, geological processes, urban development, and infrastructure projects are some of the factors causing coastal cities to sink. They also discussed the challenges posed by rising sea levels and the urgent need for adaptation strategies to mitigate the risks faced by these sinking cities.

The experts proposed potential solutions to address city sinking, including improved land use planning, investment in sustainable infrastructure, and nature-based solutions like green infrastructure and wetland restoration. They emphasized that collaboration between scientists, policymakers, and communities is crucial in developing holistic approaches to tackle complex issues such as city sinking and sea level rise. By working together, there is hope that these sinking cities can be saved from the threat of rising seas.

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