France Reclaims Baguette Record with Impressive 140.53 Meter Long Loaf

French bakers regain Guinness World Record by creating a 140-meter-long baguette

French bakers recently achieved an impressive feat by crafting the world’s longest baguette measuring a staggering 140.53 meters. This remarkable achievement marks a significant reclaim of the record previously held by Italy for a remarkable five years. The baguette, which is about 235 times longer than a traditional one, was created in Suresnes, located in the western suburbs of Paris, during an event organized by the French confederation of bakers and pastry chefs.

The baking process began at 3 a.m. on a Sunday and involved meticulous kneading and shaping of the dough before placing it in a specially-built slow-moving oven on wheels. The result was a monumental baguette that was later validated by a judge from the Guinness World Records. Anthony Arrigault, one of the bakers involved in this impressive endeavor, expressed his joy at successfully surpassing the record and highlighted the significance of achieving this feat in France.

Following the validation of the massive baguette, a portion of it was shared with the public while the remainder was designated to be distributed to homeless individuals in need. The traditional French baguette, which typically measures around 60cm in length and weighs approximately 250 grams, must adhere to strict regulations specifying the use of wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast only.

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