Fleet Readiness: USNCC Expands Health Science Program for Sailors Seeking Military Careers

New health science program introduced by US Naval Community College

Sailors interested in pursuing a career in health science now have the opportunity to apply with the U.S. Naval Community College (USNCC). Established in 2019, USNCC has now reached initial operating capability and is focused on enhancing educational offerings for enlisted personnel in the Navy. Through a partnership with Western Governors University, sailors can earn an associate degree in health science, covering various aspects of health science management, planning, coordination, processes, and protocols.

According to USNCC President Randi Cosentino, medical roles are crucial within the fleet, whether serving in hospitals stateside or on warships and other sea vehicles. This expertise is essential for a range of military specialties, from emergency operations to medical science and humanitarian missions around the world. The online degree program allows sailors to complete their education while also opening up opportunities to pursue a four-year degree with tuition assistance or GI Bill credits.

WGU’s Director of Military Engagement Julia Gage emphasized the value of the health science degree for sailors pursuing healthcare careers such as Hospital Corpsmen or Health Services Technicians. WGU provides a flexible pathway to earning a degree, allowing students to progress at their own pace. The establishment of USNCC was part of former Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer’s “Education for Seapower” campaign, aimed at advancing intellectual development within the Navy.

In January 2021, USNCC launched its first pilot program with a cohort of approximately 600 students focusing on various fields such as nuclear field, cyber security

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