Ending the Cycle of Violence: Saudi Arabia Calls for Immediate Cease-fire in Gaza

The Arab world embraces the UN decision as a crucial and vital advancement.

Saudi Arabia called on the international community to halt Israeli attacks on Gaza civilians and end their suffering, providing hope to the Palestinian people and allowing them to obtain their rights to live securely and establish a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry welcomed the UN Security Council’s decision for a cease-fire in Gaza after months of Israeli military operations, emphasizing the need to stop bloodshed, prevent civilian losses, and allow humanitarian aid.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry viewed the call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza as a step in the right direction towards ending aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces, and releasing captives. Various unrelated links to other websites were also included in the content.

Jordan supported the resolution for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, urging Israel to comply, protect civilians, and ensure uninterrupted humanitarian aid to all parts of the Strip. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry stressed that implementing this resolution was necessary to achieve a permanent cease-fire and protect the two-state solution.

Hamas emphasized the importance of freedom of movement for Palestinians and access to humanitarian needs in all areas of Gaza Strip, including heavy equipment for clearing rubble. The terrorist organization called on Israel to adhere to the resolution through various unrelated links included in their statement.

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