Discovery World on Market Celebrates 60,000th Customer and Looks to the Future

Discovery World on Market celebrates major milestone in first year

Discovery World on Market in Parkersburg, W.Va., celebrated a significant milestone on Wednesday with the arrival of their 60,000th customer since opening their doors in their first year of business. This achievement is a testament to the success and impact the museum has had on the community. S.T.E.A.M Manager, Logan Mace, expressed pride in the museum’s ability to attract visitors from far and wide, making Parkersburg a destination for families seeking a unique and educational experience.

Mace highlighted the positive feedback and support the museum has received, noting that they are constantly growing and expanding their offerings. He teased upcoming plans for the museum’s second year, hinting at exciting developments that will continue to benefit the children of the community. The success of Discovery World on Market demonstrates the important role it plays in providing an enriching and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

Discovery World on Market opened its doors in 2023 as part of an effort to provide an educational and interactive experience for people of all ages in Parkersburg, WV. Since then, it has become a popular destination for families seeking a unique experience that combines learning and fun. S.T.E.A.M Manager Logan Mace expressed his pride in this achievement as he reflected on how much progress they have made over just one year of operation: “This is an incredible accomplishment that shows just how much people are embracing what we have to offer,” said Mace.” “We’re thrilled to be able to continue providing this type of experience for our community.”

The success of Discovery World on Market is not just due to its interactive exhibits or educational programs but also because it provides families with an affordable way to spend time together while learning something new along the way.” With every new visitor who walks through our doors, we are making a difference,” said Mace.” “We hope that our continued growth will help us bring even more exciting experiences to our community members.”

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