Discovering the Past and Future of Science: Allentown’s Da Vinci Science Center Opens its Doors!

Opening Date Set for Da Vinci Science Center in Downtown Allentown | Lehigh Valley Regional News

A new Da Vinci Science Center is set to open in downtown Allentown on May 22nd. The center, located at the PPL Pavilion, will feature interactive exhibits for people of all ages.

The first exhibit, “Dinos Alive!”, will showcase 30 life-sized animated dinosaurs. Visitors will be able to see and learn about these prehistoric creatures in an engaging way.

Tickets for the new facility will go on sale in mid-April, with members getting a preview period to visit the center. Memberships can be purchased on the science center’s website. The 67,000-square-foot facility has classrooms, laboratories, interactive workshops, and a rooftop terrace for private events.

The three-story building is located at Eighth and Hamilton streets in downtown Allentown. The Da Vinci Science Center aims to provide engaging and educational experiences for visitors through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. It is a great addition to the downtown area, offering a new destination for learning and fun.

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