Breaking the Barrier: San Antonio’s Quest for Nonstop Flights to Washington, D.C.

DC flights could soon be within reach for SA, Congressman Castro indicates

For years, the city of San Antonio has been working to secure nonstop air access to Ronald Reagan National Airport near Washington, D.C. This process has involved multiple presidential administrations, but there is now hope that it may finally come to fruition. Congress is on the verge of approving new legislation that would free up more slots for flights to and from DCA, and San Antonio has strong support advocating for one of those routes.

The Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act legislation, which Congress is expected to vote on soon, could include five new slots for flights to and from DCA. Representative Joaquin Castro of San Antonio believes that this is the closest they have come in quite some time to gaining the nonstop route to DCA. A regulatory barrier known as the Perimeter Rule, established in 1966, has prevented San Antonio from having direct access to DCA. Mayor Ron Nirenberg and others argue that this rule has created an economic divide between San Antonio and the Washington area for too long.

San Antonio is the largest U.S. city without nonstop flights to DCA, even though smaller markets like Tulsa, Akron, and Cedar Rapids have direct flights to the airport. The city has been pushing for this access for a long time and believes that it is finally within reach. The hope is that this legislation will bring an end to San Antonio’s struggle for nonstop air access to Washington, D

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