Breaking Stereotypes: A Female Firearms Examiner Takes Pride in Her Work

Celebrating Women’s History Month at the Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center

Dr. Steadman shared that there are 43 employees at the center, with 34 of them being female. Sara Rogers, a Firearms Examiner at the center, expressed her thoughts on the stereotype that only men would typically be in a position like hers as gun enthusiasts.

As a Firearms Examiner, Rogers explained that her primary goal is to analyze ammunition components and determine if they were fired by a particular firearm. Despite not growing up around firearms and being from a state with heavy regulations on them, Rogers stated that she takes her job seriously and takes pride in her work.

Rogers admitted that she is not a big lover of firearms but emphasized that it is her job and she takes it seriously. She explained that she analyzes ammunition components to help identify the type of firearm used in certain crimes or accidents, which can help law enforcement solve cases more quickly and accurately.

Overall, Rogers’ job as a Firearms Examiner may seem like an unusual choice for someone who doesn’t enjoy guns, but she takes it seriously and uses it to make a difference in the world.

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