Alluvion Health Revitalizes PATH Program to Combat Homelessness: Empowering Individuals and Communities with Essential Support

Alluvion Health’s PATH Program aims to support the homeless

On Monday, March 25, 2024, Alluvion Health announced that its Project in Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program is undergoing a revitalization with a new team of professionals. This program provides essential support to individuals experiencing homelessness, particularly those dealing with mental health issues or substance use disorders. The services offered through the PATH program include outreach, engagement, case management, and service coordination.

The ultimate goal of the PATH program is to identify eligible individuals, assess their needs, and connect them with resources to address their homelessness. At the heart of this program lies a strong commitment to upholding the dignity, privacy, and confidentiality of all patients and their families. By adopting a person-centered approach, the program aims to create an environment that supports recovery and promotes stability for those who need it most.

Alluvion Health believes that by providing comprehensive support to individuals experiencing homelessness, especially those with mental health challenges, they can make a significant impact on their lives and the overall health of the community. “We have always been dedicated to addressing healthcare disparities in our community,” says Kevin Purinton, PATH Program Manager. “The continued commitment to this program demonstrates our unwavering dedication to identifying and addressing healthcare gaps to ensure that no one is left behind.”

For more information about the PATH program at Alluvion Health, interested parties can contact them at 406-454-6973 or email

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